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5 Buying Mistakes To Avoid

These are Meridians top 5 buying mistakes to avoid.

Although we would love to, we can’t be with you all the way. Buying a house is probably the biggest purchase you will ever make and a decision you will have to live with, possibly for years. With these tips to help you avoid common mistakes you are sure to make that all important purchase a daydream. Meridian Home Bournemouth

1.Getting a bad solicitor. A good solicitor can make all the difference when buying. When seeking a solicitor always go with friend or family recommendations and ask around with questions like, response time to enquiries, charges for minor adjustments, letter writing/phone calls and general conduct. Choosing a large company that’s expensive does not always mean they will deliver the best service quickly, and that’s really what you need.

2. Getting the wrong mortgage. Fixed, variable or offset? Which type of these is the right mortgage for you? There are loads of different types of mortgages available and it is easy to get the wrong one if you seek advice from anywhere other than a specialist. As we at Meridian always say, research, research, research. . It could save you thousands of pounds if you get the right one suited to your situation, or equally cause a lot of financial problems and worry if you don’t. For more help click here.

3. Failing to check for structural problems. Your solicitor or estate agents will instruct a property surveyor if you are taking out a mortgage. However, cash buyers need one too. Getting a structural survey means you are aware of problems such as subsidence, damp and planned developments around the area. If existing problems were missed, legally you can sue and won’t be left out of pocket to fix the damage.

4. A long chain. Long chains are messy and stressful. If there are three of four homebuyers in a chain, that means four times the amount of people, solicitors, estate agents, surveyors and so on. That means relying on four completely separate bodies to get everything done in the right amount of time, and this can be very problematic. If one person falls out of the chain your mortgage offer may end while waiting for another buyer leaving you in the lurch. See here how to repair a housing chain.Meridian Home Bournemouth

5. Trusting verbal agreements. It’s really important to get everything in writing. Whether it’s the white goods, a shed or anything else you’ve been told they will leave and you’re expecting to be at the property, have it in the agreement. Equally important, will they leave things in the garden or house that need to be cleared? The last thing you need with all the commotion of the move is to find you have to do extra tip journeys, or hire someone because the old owners didn’t have time to remove it.

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